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Use this printable train template and train track as a fun and creative way for kids to explore their imagination and learn about transportation and geography while designing and playing with their own trains.

Choose your train template….

I made two sets of train templates just for you. One set is black and white, perfect for allowing you or kids to add their own color and personality. This set of train printables comes with a transparent background making it easy to print on colored paper if desired!

The second set of train printables features full colored trains, train tracks, and printable railroad signs. These are ready to print and go!

Printable black and white train template and printable train tracks are ready for you to add color and play.

Ideas on how to use a paper train template and printable train track with kids…

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Create a train-themed craft station: Set up a craft station with a variety of train-themed materials such as paper train templates, printable train tracks, markers, crayons, glue, and scissors. Encourage kids to design their own train cars and engines, color and decorate them, and cut them out. Then, have them assemble the trains on the printable train tracks and create their own train stories and adventures.
  2. Host a train-themed party: If you’re planning a party for kids, a train-themed party could be a lot of fun! You can use the paper train templates and printable train tracks to create decorations, such as a train banner or table centerpieces. You could also create a train-themed scavenger hunt, where kids follow the printable train tracks to find hidden treasures or clues.
  3. Incorporate into a lesson: If you’re an educator or homeschooling parent, you could use the paper train templates and printable train tracks as a way to teach children about transportation, geography, and even history. For example, you could have children research and design trains from different time periods, countries, and cultures, and then create their own train maps and routes.
  4. Create a train-themed game: You could also create a train-themed board game using the printable train tracks as the game board. Use the paper train templates as game pieces, and have players race around the tracks to collect passengers, cargo, or other items.
  5. Build a train-themed diorama: Kids can use the printable train tracks to create a train-themed diorama. They can add paper train templates and other materials, such as small trees, buildings, and animals, to create a miniature world around their train.
These printable train templates and train tracks print in full color. They're ready for play or to create an easy display!

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This train template and printable train track comes in a black and white and a full color version. Both are ready for creative play or an easy display!

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