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These fun printable alphabet flashcards include upper case, lower case, and punctuation marks!

Printable alphabet flashcards…

These printable alphabet flashcards are free for my subscribers to print and they are such a staple in the early literacy game. I recommend printing these colorful capital and lowercase letters (plus punctuation) on card stock.  Card stock will make sturdier flashcards than paper, especially if you plan on using these alphabet flashcards on multiple occasions.  You could even laminate these ABC’s to make a them super permanent.

free alphabet flashcards in bright colors lower case

Ways to use alphabet flashcards….

Flashcard activities can be as plain or elaborate as you choose.  Used just to drill- they can be a bit dry.  But these letter flashcards are a super simple ingredient in lots of early literacy activities.

-Match the upper and lower case letters

-Play the classic game of memory by matching upper and lowercase letters.

-Find an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

-Arrange the ABC flashcards in alphabetical order.

-Laminate the alphabet flashcards and use them as a “play dough” mat to make letters on top of.

-Use the alphabet flashcards as tracing forms by laminating them and using a dry erase marker to trace.

free printable alphabet flashcards in bright colors upper case

Printable ABC flashcards in black and white….

Color is playful and fun but printing in black and white is much more economical- especially if you’re teaching a large group of kids!

For that reason I’ve made a simple black and white version of this set of printable alphabet flashcards.  This set includes lowercase, uppercase, and punctuation. They’re bold and graphic and perfect for simple words games or letter recognition!

free printable alphabet flashcards in black and white

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photo of printable ABC alphabet flashcards in bright colors

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