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Printable polygon book explores all of the polygon shapes.

Are your students learning about polygon shapes? Then this twelve page book all about polygon shapes is for you!

What are polygons….

Polygons are flat, two dimensional shapes that are fully closed with at least three straight sides. A polygon is regular when all angles are equal and all sides are equal.

Polygon shapes and their names….

Each regular polygon has a specific name and can be identified by the number of sides.

  • triangle= three sides
  • quadrilateral = four sides
  • pentagon = five sides
  • hexagon = six sides
  • heptagon = seven sides
  • octagon = eight sides
  • nonagon = nine sides
  • decagon = ten sides
If your student is looking for a more basic presentation of shapes check out this printable shape book made from a single piece of paper-perfect for pre-school aged students!
Explore what polygons are with this set of printable polygon worksheets

How to use this book about polygon shapes…

While I created this printable in the shape of book it doesn’t need to be made into book form on order to be useful in your classroom. Cut the pages up and use them one by one, as you study each polygon shape.

Use as many or as few pages as your students are ready for. It’s a free download, remember. There’s no pressure to consume it all!

Grab colored pencils, crayons, or whatever’s handy and allow your kids to write, draw and color all about polygon shapes!

What are triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, ocatgons, nonagon, decagons? They're all polygon shapes!

Do you want this “What is a Polygon?” printable book to share with your kids?

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All about polygons book includes twelve pages about different polygon shapes.

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