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Printable shape book

This printable shape book is perfect for your preschooler as they begin to identify and learn about shapes!

Learning about shapes…

Are your preschoolers learning about shapes? Learning basic shapes, their names, and spellings are a basic right of passage of those preschool years.

This printable shape book includes 7 pages, plus a cover. You’ll find each of the following shapes…

  • oval
  • diamond
  • star
  • triangle
  • circle
  • square
  • rectangle
If your kiddos are looking for some more sophisticated shape information check out this book on polygons-perfect for elementary aged students!
Printable shape book template for preschoolers learning about shapes.

Make this shape book your own…

This little printable book is pretty straightforward. It prints in black and white, which makes it super economical to share with a class. Encourage your kids to add color using markers or crayons.

And, of course, this printable shape book is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring shapes with your preschooler. Go on a shape treasure hunt, draw shapes, play with blocks and talk about the shapes you see!

Hands on learning doesn’t need to be hard or require tons of extensive planning!

Do you want to fold your shape book along with me?

These one page books are super simple to fold up but seeing is so much easier than telling. Follow along with these simple steps as we fold up our shape books together.

Printable shape book folds up from one page of paper.

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Free printable shape book includes diamond, oval, star, circle, square, rectangle, and triangle shapes.

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