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Check out my new printable Earth template that your little ones can color and create, all while learning about our planet’s geography and features. Plus, it stands up on its own for a cool 3D effect!

Printable Earth template….

This printable Earth template prints on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. It prints in economical black and white which gives your kiddos a chance to add their own color ideas!

I recommend printing on card stock for a nice sturdy Earth that will stand up nice and straight!

When the coloring is complete cut the Earth template out. Connect the straight strip at the bottom behind the Earth shape. Connect with a few pieces of clear tape and your Earth template will stand right up!

Printable Earth templates come in two sizes and stand up on their own!

Ideas for using this printable Earth template….

  1. Climate Change Awareness: Use the Earth template to discuss climate change and its effects on our planet. Encourage students to decorate the template with images and messages related to environmental awareness.
  2. Collage Art: Instead of coloring the Earth template, have students create a collage on it using materials such as magazine clippings, tissue paper, or other scrap materials.
  3. Seasons and Weather: Use the Earth template to teach about the different seasons and weather patterns around the world. Encourage students to decorate the template to represent different seasons or weather conditions.
  4. Solar System: Use the Earth template as part of a larger solar system project.
  5. Cultural Studies: Have students decorate the Earth template to represent different cultures around the world. This can be an opportunity to discuss cultural traditions, food, clothing, and other aspects of different cultures.

These ideas can be adapted for different age groups and learning levels, making the Earth template a versatile tool for teachers to use in their classrooms.

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These free printable Earth templates print in black and white, come in two sizes, and are perfect for learning about our planet!

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