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This set of ten free farm animal flashcards is available in both color and black and white for your kiddos to add their own color!

Ten farm animal flashcards….

These farm animal flashcards include the following ten animals…

  • donkey
  • cow
  • goat
  • dog
  • duck
  • pig
  • rooster
  • horse
  • sheep
  • llama
donkey, cow, goat, dog, duck, pig, roster, horse, sheep, and llama flashcards

What to do with these animal flashcards….

Not only do these flashcards feature original illustrations but they also feature the printed name of each animal and the sound that animal makes. Including these basics set the stage for lots of learning fun.

  • cut off the sound word and match it to the animal’s picture and name
  • cut off the animals name and match it to the picture
  • print two set and play a matching game
  • match the sound word and the animal’s name to each other
  • color the black and white version with crayons or colored pencils
farm animal flashcards for learning animal names and sounds

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color farm animal flashcards and black and white farm animal flashcards to color

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