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Are your kids learning their shapes and shape words? These colorful shapes flashcards are just for you!

Are your kids learning their shapes and shape words…

These colorful shapes flashcards are perfect for your preschooler learning their basic shapes or your elementary child focusing on geometric shapes.

Here are the shapes included in these shapes flashcards….

  • oval
  • parallelogram
  • cross
  • semicircle
  • crescent
  • hexagon
  • pentagon
  • right triangle
  • isosceles triangle
  • equilateral triangle
  • square
  • circle
  • rectangle
  • trapezoid
  • octagon
  • heart
  • star
  • diamond
These shapes flashcards will aid your child in recognizing an oval, parallelogram, cross, semicircle, crescent, hexagon, pentagon, and triangle.

How to use these shapes flashcards…

Of course you can use these flashcards by just “flashing” them at your kids. Cover the name and ask kids to name the shape.

But, honestly, there are far more interesting, interactive ways to use these printable shapes flashcards.

Here are a few ideas….

  • Have a shape treasure hunt. Cut each shape flashcard apart and use it as a base to collect everything of that shape.
  • Cut your own shapes of paper or up-cycled artwork. Use the shapes flashcards as reference for each shape and a place to collect cut shapes.
  • Cut the word portion and the shape portion of each flashcard into separate pieces. Ask kids to match the shape and the word.
  • Print two sets of shapes flashcards and use them to create your own memory game.
These shapes flashcards will help your child learn shapes including a square, circle, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, octagon, heart, star, and diamond shape.

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Help your child learn their shapes with these colorful printable shapes flashcards!

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