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Enjoy this set of monthly reading log printables that will not only keep track of your child’s reading progress but also bring a touch of creativity and seasonal fun to their reading journey. This collection of 24 reading logs includes both vibrant full-color designs and charming black and white versions.

Monthly reading log printable….

Why settle for boring reading logs when you can add a splash of color and whimsy to your child’s reading routine? Each month in this set is adorned with a seasonal icon, just waiting to be filled in by your young reader. These reading logs are not just about tracking progress; they also provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to express their creativity and engage with the changing seasons.

You choose whether the each icon represents a number of minutes read or a days worth of reading!

12 black and white reading log printable are a fun way for kids to track their reading progress

Why using a reading log printable is valuable for your kids….

These are just a few of the benefits of using a reading log printable with your kids!

  • Provides a tangible way to see and celebrate reading accomplishments.
  • Boosts confidence and motivation.
  • Encourages responsibility and accountability for daily reading habits.
  • Promotes self-reflection and goal-setting.
  • Sparks meaningful conversations about books.
  • Enhances reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Adds a fun and creative element to the reading journey.

Remember, a monthly reading log is a simple yet powerful tool that can make a big difference in nurturing a love for reading in our young ones!

12 full color reading log printable are a fun way for kids to track their reading progress

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More printable reading logs….

If you’re looking for a reading journal tempalte that allows space for kid’s to record the titles they’ve read check out this set of three printable reading journal templates. They’re the perfect combo of coloring and reading and perfect for kids who are a bit older!

24 free monthly reading log printables in both color and black and white

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