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Twenty free printable zoo animal flashcards are the perfect prompt for your young learner learning to identify or categorize zoo animals.

Full color printable zoo animal flashcards…

I drew these twenty original zoo animal flashcards just for you and your little ones to have fun learning with.

These are the zoo animal flashcards you’ll get with this free set…

  • turtle
  • snake
  • zebra
  • kangaroo
  • lemur
  • panda
  • penguin
  • lion
  • polar bear
  • cheetah
  • parrot
  • koala
  • chameleon
  • rhino
  • giraffe
  • gorilla
  • tiger
  • flamingo
  • monkey
  • elephant
20 printable zoo animal flashcards in full color

Black and white zoo animal flashcards…

I made these zoo animal flash cards in full color and black and white options. The full color is perfect for you if you want economical printing or if your kiddos want to add color themselves!

What to do with your animal flashcards…

  • Print out two sets and play a matching game.
  • Cut off the mammal/ bird/ reptile labels and match them up.
  • Cut off the animal name and match it to the illustration.
  • Practice coloring and cutting
  • Cut out animal illustrations and make your own artwork.
20 black and white zoo animal printable flash cards

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20 hand drawn free printable zoo animal flashcards in black and white and full color

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