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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your kids about clouds? Well, look no further! I have created a printable cloud book that is perfect for helping your little ones learn all about these fascinating formations in the sky.

Let’s learn about clouds…

As a mom myself, I know firsthand how important it is to make learning fun and exciting for kids. That’s why I created this book with hand drawn illustrations and easy-to-read text that will keep your children engaged and entertained as they discover the different types of clouds and how they form.

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent or just looking for a fun cloud activity to do with your kids, this printable book is the perfect resource. Simply print it out and get ready to explore the wonderful world of clouds with your children.

Learn about what clouds are, why clouds form and more with this fun free printable cloud book.

Types of cloud formations included in these cloud printables….

Elementary school students are usually taught about four types of clouds: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and nimbus.

  1. Cumulus clouds: These are white, fluffy clouds with flat bottoms and rounded tops. They look like cotton balls or popcorn and are often associated with fair weather.
  2. Stratus clouds: These are low, gray clouds that cover the sky like a blanket. They can be responsible for light rain or drizzle and are often associated with overcast or dull weather.
  3. Cirrus clouds: These are high, thin clouds that are often wispy and feather-like in appearance. They are usually made of ice crystals and are associated with fair weather.
  4. Nimbus clouds: These are dark, gray clouds that bring precipitation such as rain or snow. They can be low, like stratus clouds, or tall and towering, like cumulonimbus clouds.

Additional types of clouds….

There are several other types of clouds that older students may be expected to know about:

  • Altocumulus clouds
  • Altostratus clouds
  • Cumulonimbus clouds
  • Stratocumulus clouds
  • Cirrostratus clouds
  • Cirrocumulus clouds
  • Lenticular clouds

All eleven types of cloud formations are included in this free printable cloud book. Use all the pages or pick and choose which clouds to include based on what your kids are learning about!

Learn about all the different cloud formations with these free cloud printables.

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Learn about all the different cloud formations with these free cloud printables.

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